Barbecued lamb chops techniques and recipe

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Lamb ribs cooking

Barbecued lamb chops techniques and recipe

Lamb cooking has been in Europe, Africa, and other Mediterranean countries for thousands and thousands of years, and the smell of its herb-flavored aroma, cooking over an open flame, has been floating across the air.

Lamb meat, not only tasty when cooked, but is also filled with nutrients and vitamins. It is a perfect source of protein and vitamins, including vitamins B1, B6, B12. It is also rich in Iron, which is needed for healthy blood, which is the leading carriers of oxygen to different cellular levels and even the clean-up crew, which collects cellular waste to be demolished or excreted, making the whole body system clean and healthy. It is also rich with zinc and other essential minerals.

proper technique in cooking lamb

Here’s one appropriate method in cooking lamb on a gas barbecue. The meat should be well-trimmed because it cooks much faster than meat surrounded by thick layers of fat. It also does not drip fat, so it won’t cause any flare-ups, which could mean trouble later. With this technique, a good, fast, and easy barbecue are undoubtedly on its way.

Some advice on marinating lamb chops: shoulder chops are best cooked when marinated for a few hours while the more delicate parts, the rib, and middle loin chops, maybe cooked without marinating.

The East-West Marinade

The East-West Marinade is suitable for all chops and cubes of lamb. Here follows the recipe in making one:

  • 1 Tbsp dark or light soya sauce
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • ½ Tbsp honey
  • 1-2 cloves garlic, crushed
  • 1-2 tsp sesame oil (optional)

For the rib and loin chops to have an excellent flavor, before cooking, the chops should be brushed with any lamb marinade. And for the shoulder chops and cubes to be more tender, leave it to stand in a marinade at room temperature for at least an hour before cooking.

Clear these Rib chops and cutlets

Rib chops and cutlets must be cleared of its outer fat. Knobbly bones should be removed using pruners or cutting pliers, whichever you desire to use.

Middle loin chops should be trimmed off as much of its outer fat as possible, saving the tail of the chop. Tail meat can be rolled up, securing it with a toothpick for tail meat does not overcook.

Trim the noisettes

Noisettes (a small, round, tender cut of meat taken from the rib or loin section. Also known as medallion or mignonette) should be also be trimmed off as much fat as possible, and then remove the t-shaped bone. Roll up the chop and push a bamboo skewer through it from one side to the other, to put it in place and preventing it from unrolling. Then you can cut the skewers and push the remaining half at right angles to the other.

Shoulder chops should be trimmed off all of its outer fat and any bones that are near the edge of the chop. To prevent curling of the chop while cooking, snip tips. To tenderize the chop, do it with a meat hammer and hammer a few times on both sides. With your marinade of choice, you can leave it to stand for an hour at room temperature, or up to twenty-four hours in your refrigerator.