Vegetables To Cook With Lamb

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If you’re planning on cooking roast lamb, you should think about adding some vegetables to it. Many people wait until the lamb is finished cooking before preparing the vegetables, and while there’s nothing wrong with this, you can use the natural juices from the lamb to infuse your vegetables with extra flavor if you allow them to cook together. However, it’s important to remember that not all types of vegetables go together with lamb. You have to choose ones that compliment the flavor of one another.


There’s nothing quite like having some nice and soft-cooked carrots to go with your lamb. Best of all, the lamb juices released during the cooking add a delicious flavor that anyone’s sure to enjoy. Just chop up some fresh carrots into small quarter-inch slices and place them in the pan next to the lamb. Carrots aren’t only delicious, but they’re full of vitamins and beneficial nutrients as well. Before you go tossing it all into the oven, keep reading and we’ll take a look at some other delicious vegetables you can add to your dish.

Red Potatoes

Red potatoes and carrots are two vegetables that are simply meant for one another. While they’re delicious and nutritious vegetables on their own, cooking them with roasted lamb chops gives them a delicious flavor that sparks your taste buds. If you’re interested in adding some red potatoes to your lamb dish, try to find the smallest ones you can at the supermarket, as you won’t have to cut them up. If you’re forced to purchase some of the larger-sized potatoes, you’ll need to chop them up into either halves or quarters before placing them in the pan next to the lamb; otherwise, they won’t get cooked in time.


Okay, I’ll admit – I’m a huge fan of cooking with onions. Not only are they delicious to eat by themselves, but they release a distinct onion seasoning flavor into the meat they cook next to. You’ll have a couple of options when it comes to cooking lamb with onions, such as white or red onions. Although white onions are usually a bit cheaper in most regions, red onions have a slightly sweeter flavor. You can use this sweet flavor to your advantage by throwing a whole chopped onion on the sides of your lamb. If you really enjoy the flavor produced by the onions, try adding some on top of your lamb as well.