3 Tips For Cooking Lamb

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Lamb is a delicious and nutritious meal that can be prepared in countless different ways. It’s full of protein, low in fat, and contains beneficial nutrients such as vitamin B12, niacin, and riboflavin. If you’re thinking about giving the lamb a try, it’s recommended that you follow a few of these basic tips. Doing so will ensure your meal turns out as delicious as you’d hoped for.

Keep Your Lamb Moist During Cooking

One of the problems most individuals have when cooking lamb for the first time is allowing it to dry out. Remember, lamb isn’t the same texture or consistency as traditional beef, so you’ll need to cook it with a little more care. For starters, this means cooking it at a lower temperature than you would beef. While everyone will have a different opinion on what temperature to cook lamb at, I recommend trying somewhere around 150-155 degrees Fahrenheit, as this is more than enough heat to sear the outside while keeping the inside nice and moist.

In addition to cooking lamb at a lower temperature, you can also help to keep it moist by adding some broth or sauce to it. Just place the lamb chops in a large pan and fill it up with some of your favorite cooking broth. This will help prevent the natural juices of the lamb from escaping, and it will give the lamb some extra flavor during the cook.

Add Red Wine

I’m a huge fan of using red wine during cooking. Along with pasta, chicken, and fish, red wine is also great for adding to lamb chops. It gives it a very slight fruity flavor and aroma without disturbing the natural flavors. Don’t make the mistake of using white wine, though, as it doesn’t offer nearly the amount of flavor of nutritional benefits as red wine does. You see, red wine gets its color from the skins of grapes that were left during the production process. As you may be aware, the skins of grapes are where all of the vitamins and nutritional content are stores. So, common sense should tell you that red wine is significantly healthier and more beneficial than white wine.

Rub Seasonings In

Don’t just sprinkle seasoning on the lamb, but actually rub it thoroughly in using your hands. Allowing the spices and seasoning to get deep into the lamb will prevent them from burning up when you’re cooking it. In addition, rubbing the seasoning in will also help to tenderize your lamb, keeping it from becoming tough.