Using Lamb as an Alternative

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Every day, people go around and early in the morning, and enduring god knows how many minutes and if possible hours walking and transporting to their desired destination. People, most especially adults tend to become too engrossed with what they are doing to just stop and eat. So they eat some take-out food.

Once they receive their delivered food they take a deep breath and then have their lungs filled with sweet pleasure, then they take their very first bite of ambrosia. What they have probably forgotten is that what he or she has in his or her hands is a heart attack wrapped in a plastic and disguising as a burger or french fries or whatever take-out food is typical for a person.

Well, do you know that grease and grits are what mainly causes heart attacks and probably a herd more of diseases you could get with eating too much garbage? 

I’m not saying that eating take-out food is the worst thing possible you could do in terms of your health, and I guess it is probably ok to eat some grease once in a while but when will you know that you have had one too many? When you’re in a hospital bed and having your body not respond well because of suffering a stroke? Or when you clutch at your chest while having a heart attack?

See, if you are not careful then with one fell swoop you could probably lose everything you have worked for and in the process, you will also probably lose people who meant something to you as you do to them.

By now you probably would realize that you have to be kept in a diet and some exercise would probably do you some good. But where’s all the pleasure in that if you’re munching on greens like rabbits. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret. You could still eat some of those take-out foods but you make them your way, not using the usual white meat but using lamb meat.


I know you’ll probably think that I’m crazy- what with lamb meat having strips of fat on every part.

But do you know that that fat is unsaturated fat with more likely will help you lose more weight since it’s under good fat that will melt away right after a good sweat?

You could also use lamb meat as an alternative with all your recipes that usually use white meat. Don’t you worry a thing that you might go overboard with this since lamb meat packs some nutritional value and also contains some vitamins and minerals, it is also high in protein. You could even find some omega-3 in there. If you still have some doubts well, doubt no more since behind the cavalry is a strong weapon that we plan to use in advantage and that is the technology and very great researchers.

How do they fit in all this?

Well, it so happens that you could change the nutritional value of meat varying on how you breed and fed your dairy and now with proper dieting and serving just the right greens to your sheep you could have the right red meat that’s made even better since it has a distinctive taste and at the same time will help improve your health.